What makes Bradbury a Zombies ate my pancreas shirt most writers look at as a landmark? He had discipline and his work reflected this. He read a lot, both fiction and nonfiction and also poetry. He wrote every day, which is something every writer should do, despite the lack of time, working routines and life happening all along. If you’re a writer, you should keep your muscles warmed up. By keeping up this practice, Bradbury wrote tens and tens of short stories. His short-form work surpasses by far his novel work; this really depends on the writer. Stephen King writes every day since a time close to forever, even if you can locate that glorious beginning in the early 60s, but he writes mainly novels and wrote even more.

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Ernest Hemingway is a landmark because of his Zombies ate my pancreas shirt , stripped down and journalistic style, which Jack Kerouac drew from. His contemporary Scott Fitzgerald had a more lyrical tone, but still, his realism was and still is heart-wrenching. These writers entered history for the immortality of their work, which people from all over the world keep reading over and over, letting them entertain, seduce and inspire them. For every one of these papers (at least among my direct lineage), the sole-author graduate student-submitted and published the paper with the full knowledge and blessings of their advisor.


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