He crossed the finish line in You shall not pass go shirt . He had also broken the world record. His team mates tried to push through the crowd to congratulate him. But by the time they reach the finish line, he’s no longer there. The Jamaican team had hoisted him onto their shoulders and were parading around the infield. To the sound of ecstatic applause. The crowd stands. And roars with encouragement. Every. Single. Person. From every nation. They drown out the cheers of his fellow countrymen. Like Seabiscuit some two decades earlier, this under dog had become something more. Who was this man who had captured the hearts and imaginations of millions. Who was so beloved that even his rivals delighted at his accomplishments

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With sports during You shall not pass go shirt competitors can be severely injured or killed.They cleaned up bobsledding since the 1960. When the sleds used to exit the track over the side and have only managed to kill one Luger recently. Snowboarding seems tough enough, but those same accidents on Concrete!!!!! Cue the Paramedics and the slow-motion replay. Tv ratings will go through the roof with each gory accident and death. Finally back to the ancient Greek times. I started comp swimmer at age 14 and my first 100m free was around 140 so you are way ahead of me. I never qualified for the Olympics but I did qualify to try out for them for my country.

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