You see, no matter how hard we try to You axolotl questions vintage shirt, in modern times I don’t think we could be ever as strong as our ancestors back then. This is because due to evolution; as the world, we grew in become more comforting thanks to our development in both social norms and technology, we no longer need to be as strong as our predecessors were. Sure, we could try some things like that paleo-diet, intense workout and walk anywhere, but trust me you won’t be as strong as people back then. A jab that would usually knock down a modern fighter would only piss them off. The Krav Maga expert would land accurate and precise hits several times, but I doubt they’d be enough to take the Spartan down. The Spartan, thanks to the harsh world and hardcore training he was born and lived in, would take the punches like an anvil and return them like a sledgehammer.

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If you mean the hardest to play as a You axolotl questions vintage shirt , I would say kicker. You’re basically the sniper. The kicker has to calculate distance, wind direction, wind speed, etc. If the ball is wet from rain or snow, it just got a million times harder. If you mean the overall hardest, then I would say being a backup quarterback would be the hardest. You could have to jump into the middle of a game and pick up where the starting quarterback left off. Hard counts and cadences will be different.


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