Not cover to cover. Maybe just the first four or five Yorkshire Terrier gorgeous reindeer Christmas shirt . As I recall, I got a little confused about the significance of compactness. I wasn’t confused in the sense that I couldn’t work with the definitions, but I just didn’t understand why anyone chose to define that concept. I didn’t get why it was helpful. When I encountered that confusion, I did what I normally do: press on. Press on with the hope that either the point will be clearer once you see other things build on it, or the concept will fade away into obscurity because it wasn’t that important, to begin with.
With compactness specifically, it’s definitely not choice.

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If a character does something that has you Yorkshire Terrier gorgeous reindeer Christmas shirt at your hair and screaming no, you absolute moron, what are you thinking, that’s bad writing plain and simple. The author needs something to happen but can’t figure out how to make it happen, because no sane person in the protagonist’s position would do whatever it is the author needs her to do, so the author gives her a temporary lobotomy. Second, naming or not naming your chapters is something in regards to style and can be influenced by your story and world. My world is very crit and uses numberings for everything, so it makes sense that the chapters are numbered as well. But your story might very well profit from having named chapters.


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