Oddly enough, this is a much easier falsehood to accept than World’s best cat grandpaw vintage shirt the truth—the abuse was not our fault. We did nothing to deserve this treatment and the fault lies entirely at the hands of our abusers. But that means the danger, inherently, lies with other people. We lose the perception that we can avoid future abuse simply by modulating our own behavior. It is hard for us to trust that our loved ones have no ulterior motive, that they are telling the truth when they say, “I love you.” It is hard for us to trust that a partner who is loving one day will not decide to abuse us the next. You are loveable and worthy and you will find a fulfilling, loving relationship.

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There are many trustworthy people on this World’s best cat grandpaw vintage shirt planet worthy of your love, as well. Just because you’ve been through trauma does not mean it defines you or your future. I know I am very loved, deeply, and truly, and well. You will be too.  I’ll end by encouraging you to seek out a therapist. It will get better. I promise. Here’s something you must know. Getting a girl (white or otherwise) is not just about luck, fairness or love. It’s a transaction. For a girl to be interested in you, sure she has to like how you look – and the scent of your body, but she has to admire other things. Are you kind? Do you treat women well?


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