This happens a lot. I always White Walker and Elsa Princess fusion dance shirt this behavior a little annoying it’s not a library but accepted that part of the company’s business model was creating a welcoming space. I only found it rude when these non-paying customers were messy, disruptive, or didn’t move/got offended when asked if they would please free up space for paying cafe customers. They didn’t care that they were putting me in a tight place betw them and the paying customer who justifiably expected a place to sit down and eat the food they’d bought.

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And many people weren’t just White Walker and Elsa Princess fusion dance shirt . There was the guy who tried to run his tutoring business out of my cafe, not only taking up two tables but also leaching off our WiFi the oblivious mom on her cell phone for hours who thought the booksellers were there to babysit her unruly spawn; and the lady who literally brought her own coffee and spent hours wrinkling up magazines she never purchased. The first two had to be bounced from the store by a manager the mom was really belligerent too and we were all just helpless with the third but spent her whole visit silently hating her guts.


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    I have only recently found this company but straight away I’ve had 4 orders and all perfect. Delivery is quick and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better service for the price.

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    Really quick service, really easy to use design tools. And a free sweetie! Thank you.

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    Awesome tshirts,thanks very much.

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