If they get covid in the White cat go to hell shirt, do all countries do this? Spot on we had a half assed last minute lockdown with 10,000s of people. Flying in without being checked reduced bus and train services cramming people into tight spaces. No ppe for hospitals and care homes and barley any enforcement of lockdown because of lack of police to do the job its a miracle more havent died. What I don’t understand is why people are so desperate to defend mistake after mistake made by the Tories.

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How bad does it have to get before the White cat go to hell shirt? Social distancing, and testing, interesting as who ever was in power would have acted on the exact same advice given, had the same response to pandemic possibilities, so shut up and stop scoring political points and get behind the country. She would love to answer it in an unbiased manner, but seeing as she is a guardian journalist with an appearance of a grudge with the tories it was never going to happen. So very, very easy to be wise after the event – these comments that criticize the Government are just ridiculous and unhelpful.


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