The ability to experience setback losses, learn from your Be a Unicorn in a field of horses shirt and then come back improved and be successful is the greatest quality a fighter or any person can have. Nothing feels better than beating a fighter that previously beat you. Because in boxing, the head is the primary target. MMA has more ways to win, and it does not involve dozens and dozens of strikes to the head in every sparring. Fury used a fight plan which was beautiful. He figured he was not going to survive too many clean rights from Wilder, so he made sure there weren’t any.

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He increased his weight, improved his Be a Unicorn in a field of horses shirt, and devised a simple fight plan: he would use his size, meet Wilder in the middle of the ring, stay on him like stink on poop, and keep him from moving freely about and throwing right hands. We always said, we who actually follow boxing, that the result of the rematch depended. And that does not mean just wins and losses – it is too easy today to fight only has-beens or never will be’s, and run up the record. His phenomenal speed in his prime never ceases to amaze people who saw him in person, or even on TV, or who have studied him later on film.


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