This answer is actually very incomplete The droids imperial road shirt. I was trying to keep it as short, and as simple as possible for people unfamiliar with aerodynamic principles. Realistically, I should have explained what laminar flow is, viscosity, the different types of drag, vortex generators, why turbulent flow delays separation, what the boundary layer is, and maybe a hundred other things. These explanations tend to get very long-winded, though, and I didn’t want to lose people’s attention. If there is anything that you’d like to understand better, feel free to comment, I’ll usually answer. Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who upvoted. Right now there’s constant discussion about the effectiveness of the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview minority candidates for coaching positions.

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I don’t know if I’d appreciate being The droids imperial road shirt in for an interview just because the League is forcing the owner’s hand, but I don’t have any firsthand experience with whether or not the owners have a racist bias in their hiring process. This fight we have a more patient Wilder. We also have Fury coming off of a tremendous cut in his last close fight against someone nobody has heard of. Fury hasn’t taken many chances in the ring since his so-called draw to Wilder. I don’t like that. Wilder has done the opposite. So has the area where Fury took the cut healed properly? They have methods of tightening skin nowadays. But it doesn’t work wonders. Fury should win again by unanimous decision. He says he will knock Wilder out and he should be able to knock any heavyweight out with his height, reach and weight. But he throws a lot of arm punches.


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