When they set out on their journey they are at a different Suck My Richard shirt. Movie-Frodo is a youngster, book-Frodo is 50 when he leaves the Shire. Movie-Frodo is afraid most of the time and overall a passive character. Book-Frodo is afraid too, but he still shows a lot of courage. He shows a level of wisdom and knowledge that movie-Frodo doesn’t possess. In general, there are many aspects of Frodo’s character that are lost in the movies, but I will focus on what is most frustrating for me. To show the differences, it’s best to look at a few moments in the story as examples. In the movie where Frodo sends Sam away, this is just not the case. He has the Ring at that time, and all that comes between them are Gollum’s irritating lies about Sam eating all the Lembas.

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People think that, because Daphne only appears once, she’s some Suck My Richard shirt who doesn’t communicate with anyone except her sister. From here on, all the other countless clichés have developed and been dumped onto poor Daphne. Either they’re het up that you happen to dislike a character they like, or they’re het up you’re not swallowing the new content the author announces on her twitter account, or they’re het up that you’re a fan of a character/house they dislike. True evil requires a certain depth of character. When a shallow person did bad things for no deeper meaning than their personal short term satisfaction, that’s not evil. That’s pettiness. It’s not interesting. It rarely makes a good story. I probably wouldn’t even use it as a plot device.


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