In reality, you have Spongebob pride shirt real-world commitment to your girlfriend’s daughter. So I can only see a woman teaching her daughter to call you dad as an overt display of manipulation so you will feel obligated to stay with her. If I were in your shoes I would set some clear boundaries. Hey Lisa I love you and I love little Liza too. I have fun and care for you both very much & maybe one day if things work out right we can get married and I can claim custody of her and be her father. But as of right now I am not her father. And honestly teaching your daughter to call your boyfriend Dad is irresponsible. What if I decided to leave tomorrow? How badly would that hurt little Liza?

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We need to do Spongebob pride shirt things when the time is right. If you continue to teach this little girl that I am her father I will have to end this relationship. I am uncomfortable with this at this time. That is a clear boundary setting. Set your boundaries and the consequences of crossing them. Sorry saying I’m your mom’s boyfriend and I won’t bang anyone else is not a commitment worthy of calling someone my father. Let’s say the very likely thing happens that your relationship doesn’t work out in the long term. This isn’t about you and your girlfriend, this is about an innocent little girl.


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