Another example is Wicked. I have to Snoopy life is better with Bon Jovi shirt the first 300 pages of the book is mostly characters meandering around aimlessly mixed with author’s political statement thinly veiled as “narrative”. But I kind of like Elphaba, I wanted to know how her journey ended. And the last 100 pages didn’t disappoint. I particularly enjoy books that are self-aware and don’t take themselves too seriously. Usually, a chosen one trope would annoy me to no end, but if the author is self-aware about it and somehow subverted the trope, that’s something I’d love to read. On the flip side, the book could be great, the world setting is great, the narrative is great, characters are annoying, that would be an instant “no” for me.

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Another example is the Snoopy life is better with Bon Jovi shirt . I best book by Sanderson ever. Can’t stand Vin. She’s your most typical rebel teenager. Despite being born on the street, she has the entitlement of a princess. She enjoyed her newfound “upper class” life so readily, being served by servants, wearing fancy clothing, all comes natural and something she instantly settled into. She deserved to be treated nicely by Kelsier and his friends, she deserved to know his darkest most painful history from the getgo. My god, I can’t fucking stand her entitlement and arrogance. Remind me of every annoying teenager out there thinking they’re the most important person in the fucking world.


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