Although this view is Snoopy and Charlie Brown Skol Vikings shirt , still it is a mainstream idea. My first teacher was an American from Indiana who’d married a Chilean exile, so she spoke with a Chilean accent. It was good to get exposure to all of these. I think that’s the answer. Being a genius doesn’t affect your romantic life so much as it affects your ability to spend time in public spaces, to empathize with regular folk and to have the time to spend on women. And that’s not a winning formula if you want a relationship.

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I don’t run Snoopy and Charlie Brown Skol Vikings shirt that problem too often. Another thing to consider – possibilities of real contact with the speakers. Japanese is fascinating, but how many Japanese you’re likely to meet. Oriental languages are also rather challenging, so you need to assess how much effort you’re ready to put in learning. Good textbooks, tons of apps and online resources, literature, cinematography, and what’s not. If she lived in the USA she would be a concert pianist, but she lives in Mongolia, and is a nomad, and has never seen a piano.

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