If youngsters these days understand this Skull mask seattle seahawks washington shirt, then love can be taken as one that they show movies. Love is equal to something like The guy or girl falls in love over cute things of each other, something like what they have shown in movie. Then while dating, the movie is changed to though the same series should be made telling how guys do the same kind of things which are intolerant for girls.  Then if the relationship doesn’t end and leads to marriage, we have side effects and also Chalte Chalte. But there’s no movie that still explains that guys do care for girls and vice versa and they are more emotional.

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Also, no movie shows what happens Skull mask seattle seahawks washington shirt and how weird a guy can get when in a relationship like they have shown guys’ point of view. There should be girls’ points of view too. But yes, when you fall in love, you will have that smile on your face all the time, you will wait for that one text from his /her side and that one text will make you feel special, all of a sudden you won’t care about the world and its views all you will care about is your partners view and also you will make moves to make your partner happy. All over, it’s a great feeling but the problem arises when guys and girls start expecting a lot from each other instead of understanding the priority.


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