But the way in which this virus attacks the lung Skull I’m social distancing fuck off shirt. It causes the alveoli to be inflamed, leading to fluid build-up. I’ll try to find a video and post it here. It is a virus and up to now, there is no efficient therapy. Some doctors tried with HIV virus blockers, others suggested malaria drugs, but no therapy has stood the test up to now. As for the symptoms, it always seems to start with a sore throat, like any other cold you catch. Not as exposed to air pollution and lung damage over the years. Combo of both? They don’t know. And I’m still on the fence about believing whether there have been zero deaths of children in this range of all infected, which is what they’ve reported. Yes, it’s viral pneumonia.

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As far as I know Skull I’m social distancing fuck off shirt, People with mild symptoms can recover by their own immune system. A large part of the recovery has been through pneumonia-1. A prescription for Chinese medicine that helps patients activate their immune systems to fight off the virus. So far, pneumonia 1 has helped many patients recover. In addition, Radesivir is still in trials and is said to work well.


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