She can go to the public library, or a job Shut up I’m Doing Baseball Gamechanger shirt center during the daytime to actively look for work, so don’t believe her when she whines about needing access at home. She does not. She can even get out there on foot, walk from store to store, and ask for applications. My ex husband did both the walking and library job resource center, and found a good job when he was living in a sober living house he lost his good job because of his addiction. If she’s truly lazy, then she’ll adjust to not having all the luxury items she’s used to having, and she’ll whine and complain about it constantly. If she really wants them back, then she will snap out of her laziness and abide by your rules.

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You’ll notice that there’s a heavy overlap between the counties that voted for Hillary Clinton and the most densely populated regions of the country. That is not a coincidence. For quite some time, there’s been a very strong correlation between urban areas and Democratic voters, and a similar correlation between rural areas and Republican voters. Since rural areas, by their very nature, tend to have fewer people spread over a much larger amount of land, it should hardly be surprising that Republican counties cover more area, despite having fewer voters. But before you can do that, first you have to unpack the association people make between genetics and “race,” and you need to do that before you can even get as far as trying to untangle the impact of language and culture on standardized tests.


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