The more you learn the more you realize how little you know San Francisco 49ers fueled by Haters shirt. The people who often think they know a lot by that very claim actually don’t. Luckily someone once pondered the question you ask; his name was his, he found that you needed to rephrase the question. He did and wrote a book called A Short History of Nearly Everything. He found that to learn something or think about what to learn – you need to understand where it came from and why. One of the things you learn on the way to becoming an adult is that life is unfair. It’s also unfair that people become desperately sick through no fault of their own. It’s unfair that people who work three jobs still don’t have enough money to have healthcare and decent food. It’s unfair that people who live in poverty are astronomically more likely to find that their water and air are being poisoned by the industries in their midst.

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It’s unfair that veterans who put their lives on the San Francisco 49ers fueled by Haters shirt are homeless. It’s unfair that a few people are allowed to gut the clean air and water standards that keep us all from getting cancer. A wiggling lump of clay appeared in his hands. He fashioned into a little doll with legs and arms. The lump man didn’t have any eyes, but it groped around the table, stumbling over Prometheus’s fingers. I have been whispering in man’s ear since the beginning of your existence. I represent your curiosity, your sense of exploration, your inventiveness


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