This melts my heart! I am a dog person but this video just Raccoon Skate fast big boy eat trash shirt me fall in love with this cute kitten! when I was looking for a kitty from a shelter. My choice was the one who did just this. What a great find I got. Breaks my heart seeing this … please please adopted this poor kitty as it wants to go to a loving home. The ones that grab you through the cage are always awesome fur babies! I would’ve snatched that baby up in a heartbeat! Breaks my heart. The kitten wants to be loved and cared for. I hope the lady adopted the kitten. Just goes to show how conscious and intelligent these animals really are.

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They beg you to take them home. My rescue kitty Raccoon Skate fast big boy eat trash shirt up my arm, onto my shoulder snuggled into my neck and would not come down. So now he lives happily in our home. Omg, this makes me wanna climb into my phone and bring that baby back my kitten Sidney when I first saw him in pet shop when I went and gave him a cuddle every time I walked away he kept crying. So he ended up coming home with me. it was heartbreaking the way these cats seemed so desperate to get out of the cage and be loved.


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