The start of the original movie Pugs Dog and Halloween shirt  that shows the killer was just a kid was an effective way of showing the audience the idea that anybody you know, no matter how innocent they are, could one day snap for no real reason and become a murderer. No supernatural bullshit, just the idea that somebody who was just a normal person suddenly becoming a cold-blooded, heartless killer without a shred of humanity left was frightening enough. And the creator said that giving Michael any humanity or emotions that the audience could relate to would be a bad idea because it takes away the inherent scare-factor of Michael.

Pugs Dog and Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Pugs Dog and Halloween V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt

Pugs Dog and Halloween Sweater


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Make it so the Pugs Dog and Halloween shirt wounds he gets actually matter. Oh Felicia, here you go with those scary movies. I can just see your face right now with your eyes all big, sitting on the edge of your chair. You are a true fan. Seeing Michael Myers being a mortal isn’t a good thing. He’s supposed to be immortal because he was born with the curse of The Thorn. That’s what makes Michael a threat. This is disappointing.. what pretty much makes him how he is is the curse of thorn which is basically the entire reason for the movies. Without that there is not really a reason behind his killings.

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