I had no idea that wearing a Owl Behind Every Crazy Woman Is A Man Who Made Her That Way shirt with ideals that should be common sense on the back could be so controversial. Then again, this was the same kid whose came out during my school’s walkout to protest school shootings with a giant MAGA banner and proceeded to spit on a girl who asked him to go back inside, so maybe it wasn’t my clothes that were the issu. Whether nappy is wet or something bit the baby he couldn’t make out.Adding to that my self I am clueless about baby care. Because my mom’s house I had an extra personal helper to take care of me and my baby apart from regular helpers.Here in my house I have no domestic help at all. I had to fight with my mom to send me back to my husband because of this. She is worried.Now how to Manage?My son is very calm like my husband. Once he sleeps at eight o clock in the night he gets up only in the morning at six thirty. Rarely cries. Always smiling. So much relief to me.Early Morning at four I used to get up. Finish cleaning and cooking everything by till then I used to make a wall between my son and my husband with

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First Valverde should Owl Behind Every Crazy Woman Is A Man Who Made Her That Way shirt have started Philippe Coutinho, everybody at Barca knows that the ex-Liverpool man is nowhere near what he once was. Coutinho’s star has been waning ever since he moved to Barca, maybe he could not cope with the pressure of having to justify his astronomical salary but the bottom line is that he is slow and loses control of the ball too much. Then concentrate on my small baby needs first.So I have to teach my son also and to Husband also to show affection on eachother. In one word I introduced affection and love between them . Especially I made my son love his dad. Because he was always busy with his tours. I used to threaten my husband ‘if you are on tours like this for nine months in an year your son will ask me oneday who is this uncle? So better spend more time with your son.’Now both of them have very good bonding of love and affection. Will support eachother to fight with me. But I can handle both of them easily. (I was brought up in Telangana.. Naxal area haha) Now I have my Dil’s support too.


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