The woman gets her drink at that point, stands up, looks at the Mickey The Mandalorian this is the way sunset shirt and says you’ll want to call the fire department now. She turns around and throws the drink all over the guy’s face and front, and lights him up with a good old’ Bic lighter. She and the guy were never seen again, and the paramedics showed up and took the guy to the hospital as apparently he inhaled while on fire. When your job and its fat salary are dependent on the performance of eleven undisciplined egotists from your team, competing with eleven nefarious opponents bent on making your team and you look like fools and easy meat, and the officials won’t help you stave off disaster, wouldn’t you do everything possible to get the team owners, the public and the media to believe you’re doing a great job of influencing the game? To be good at a sport, it requires skill, but the same is true for many other endeavors that are not sports.

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Being a good computer programmer is a Mickey The Mandalorian this is the way sunset shirt, but computer programming is not a sport. The same is true for many other activities. It takes training to gain skill in realistic self-defense, but self-defense is not a sport either. Sure, wolves and bears and tigers and all those kinds of things are fierce and strong on an individual basis, but they don’t hold a candle to coordinated action. We can attack things that threaten us from all sides, giving it no chance of a successful defense. We can harass and drive our prey as we desire onto the ground of our choosing. We can set watches so a few individuals at a time can keep the entire landscape under observation so that nothing can sneak upon us. We can protect our wounded until they recover and our elderly so that they can share lifetimes of experience with us.


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