My background story Michael Myers Slay All Day shirt . A one point, I’m a Jewish kid being hidden in the convent during Wwii pretending to be an orphan who is related to one of the sisters, but the dream shifts at some point, and it takes place in the present, and at this point, I actually am related to one of the nuns. Her sister & brother-in-law die, and there are no other close family members to take me, and the convent was an orphanage once upon a time, and still has the charter, so she gets a dispensation from the bishop to take me, as long as the Mother Superior OKs it, which she does.

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Rosalind Russell is the Michael Myers Slay All Day shirt Superior, and Audrey Hepburn is the one I’m related to. But for some reason, Susan Sarandon is the one I for to the most comforting, or advice. By the end of my dad’s storytelling session, I had many questions. For starters, what was wrong with these kids? Secondly, what is the deal with this plot twist? My dad was weary from work and was drowsily trying to complete the story. When I pestered him to give me more details all he said was, ‘This is somewhere there in Bible go and read it for yourself.’


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    Delivery and t shirt was 1st class, as they can only print the image you send them i guess the one i sent was not very good, so send a good quality image and you will get a good quality shirt.

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