This wrong was the way Kansas City Chiefs floral butterfly love shirt might work against an authoritarian regime, not for it. Today, we live in a society with surveillance far more omnipresent than Orwell could imagine. Almost every citizen carries a tiny, powerful video recording device wherever we go. And that has proven to be extremely inconvenient to the government on more than a few occasions. Omnipresent surveillance works both ways. It also makes disappearing people from the historical record far more difficult. The basic reason is to set up the burlesque situation in which five brotherless sisters will be made homeless by an entail. It’s not just one or two girls but five. Their mother’s inheritance simply won’t stretch to provide for all of them. Although it could be argued that only three of the sisters play an active part in the plot, a larger family is needed to ram home this point.

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I get that some people believe in an Kansas City Chiefs floral butterfly love shirt deity and that doesn’t worry or anger me whatever floats your boat but the bible needs to be dumped. This particular religious tome doesn’t make for easy or compelling reading and unfortunately, is chock full of ridiculous or false claims and contradictions. The flow of the story is awful and there’s a bit of plagiarism going on too. It still retains material of anthropological interest but not much else for the discerning reader. The consensus opinion is that he was a one-time star who has faded and continues to fade. Unlike Bradbury, Clarke, and Asimov, he’s not read at the same rate. Unlike Herbert, he doesn’t have an epic. Unlike Dick, he’s not read in academic circles and doesn’t have films made of his works, other than Starship Troopers.


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