The White House sat on it for as long as they could Kansas City Chiefs dandelion shirt, desperately trying to delay the book until after the impeachment trial. They held on to it too long. Pelosi delayed sending the articles to the Senate and beginning the trial. Someone, probably someone in the White House but I don’t think that is confirmed yet, leaked details from the book. Bolton submitted the manuscript in good faith. The White House sought to suppress information in there that was politically sensitive that had nothing whatsoever to do with national security. It is safe to assume that throughout this trial, all the Republican defense team has been aware, all the time, that John Bolton confirms the fact that Trump withheld military aid to an ally at war with Russia in an attempt to extort them into smearing his political opponent. Funny they didn’t mention that.

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It was very normal at the time that Kansas City Chiefs dandelion shirt relatives lived with other members of their family, as it was a way to keep in contact and share expenses. Jane Austen herself spent long periods at her brothers’ houses. Of course, she would make herself useful by babysitting her nephews and nieces, playing with them and writing stories and charades. Her sister Cassandra and her mother once she was a widow also lived with other relatives for short periods of time. I don’t know how they decided how much time was enough. perhaps she was invited for a whole season, or for a number of weeks.


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