The John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt is a shirt that was worn by John Wick.  According to the most popular calculation, John Wick kills 77 people in the first film. The Cinemablend portal clarifies that 91 people died in the film – the rest were eliminated by other characters. The favorite weapon of the hero in the first part is the German semi-automatic pistol Heckler & Koch P30L. The second part – 128 people. According to the most popular calculation, in the sequel, Wick killed 128 people. Austrian pistols accounted for most of all – Glock 17 and Glock 26 It is worth noting that not all of the “kills” taken into account are 100 percent – the authors of this statistic consider the death scene where Wick knocks a man over with a car, but the enemy clearly could have survived. An alternative calculation from Cinemablend gave a more modest figure: in the publication they believe that in the second part only 119 people were killed, and not all of them Wick himself killed.

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The John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt second act – The Search for Absolution, sees John overseas on location, searching for the means to lift the bounty on his head, while in New York, the worldbuilding continues as we see what fates await any who have helped John Wick. This is where the polish begins to rub off. Halle Berry makes an appearance, and truly, I love her in this movie. She imbues her character with machismo to challenge even that of John Wick himself, but with a shadow of a fragile core, a mother determined to protect her daughter at all costs. She was fantastic. But her action sequences lingered a bit too long. By now there is some fatigue at the number of bodies being brought down by John Wick and his new companion, Sophia. But worse than the fatigue is strange stuttering to the action sequences, moments where there is a rest, but artificial, as though the world itself is bending to John Wick and giving him extra time, extra ammo, extra everything. The choreography becomes slightly sloppy, with small moments giving away the illusion of continuous action. And the worldbuilding starts to become a little burdensome. We’re introduced to a sort of king above all, but the introduction is pure worldbuilding as the film progresses and leaves that particular thread to dangle.

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