She taught me Halloween Cow Boo Heifer shirt not to give up, although it’s hard sometimes. She was a real fighter. So glad Nancy’s mother didn’t go there with Billy! The women are amazing and truly loved the addition of Maya Hawke to the cast! If Maya Hawke was the better talent during auditions, then she deserves the role. She did a great job. Celebrity’s kids shouldn’t be excluded JUST to give the role to someone who is unknown and doesn’t have celebrity parents.

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Halloween Cow Boo Heifer Sweater


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Were up Halloween Cow Boo Heifer shirt and coming actors when they auditioned and were chosen for these roles. I’m glad we saw more of Mrs. Wheeler this season. I hope they continue to expand her role. All Karen wanted was for someone in her family to talk to her. Thank goodness it finally happened after three seasons! Amen! I’m a fan of strong women! I really enjoyed the bond between Eleven and Max. I have a daughter and I do my best to empower her. I loved this scene so much!!! Especially cause so many parents on this show are depicted as abusive or neglectful. I really loved seeing actual good, supportive parenting.

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