The more I read about you and your Don’t film me dying help me live shirt, I’m amazed and love the honor and courage you have. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family. As an American, I value the laws and constitution and you are protecting our rights and freedoms. I thank you so much, You are America’s hero. Their kids learned both languages and their kids speak only English as do the successive generations. I would love to see these accusers move to a foreign country as an adult and try to learn a new language but I imagine they haven’t the guts to try I once got a cab in Florida and the cabbie apparently didn’t know but just a few words in English.

Don’t film me dying help me live shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Don’t film me dying help me live shirt

Don’t film me dying help me live shirt

Best Don’t film me dying help me live shirt

We couldn’t communicate with him to Don’t film me dying help me live shirt change our route (the hotel staff told him where we wanted to go over the phone and we were not informed that he didn’t know English in America. Learn the language or go home. Let’s change centuries of American culture and make that immigrant give up their language to make white people like you more comfortable and trust me, Americans are the last that bother to learn a language in a foreign country.


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