I once played golf with a guy who onlyDisenchantment Gryffindor Hogwarts shirt irons to the muni course. He hit every fairway, missed one green, shot even par. When we visited afterward, he told me that he had played pro golf for a year and a half, and that being a good pro was not about how well you hit the ball. It was more about your mental and emotional approach to the game. The top guys were no better at striking the ball than the top tier amateurs. They were … tougher.One of my college profs once opined that there are two guitar players in every town who are as good as the pros, as good as Eric Clapton. But they don’t have the drive, the ambition to have that life that goes with the rock star life.

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In the decades since people told me that Disenchantment Gryffindor Hogwarts shirt , I’ve paid a lot of attention to the pros. To the major leaguers vs the minor leaguers. And I think that those two men were right.Certainly a professional actor, athlete, or database designer needs some craft. Ellen Barkin said that without craft, if you’re just pretty, it wears off and then you’ve got nothing. Pros have some craft, but most of them don’t have an excessive amount. What they have is toughess and dedication to success. They fail plenty, and they come back.


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    I am very happy and impressed with the outcome and price of my T-shirt. Can’t wait to print more designs with you.

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