This is actually too easy, and there are many Christmas hair stylist heartbeat shirt . Let me pick one by a writer I admire, Joseph Conrad. Conrad grew up without a mother, and ran away and served in the French then the British merchant marine. A great deal of his life was spent among men as a result. His stories and novels do not contain a very large number of prominent roles for women. There are a few, but most of his books are about men, and women just aren’t there for the most part. But oh my, he wrote about them a few times. It is not what the women characters do that tends to be cringeworthy. The problem is the way that Conrad writes their dialogue. It doesn’t sound normal at all. In fact, it evinces a lack of understanding that makes one think Conrad believed women were not at all like men. He cannot seem to get his head around their psychologies. The first instance that comes to mind is in Heart of Darkness, where Marlow meets with Kurtz’ “intended” to talk to her and lay to rest his obligations. It’s a very tense discussion. The dialogue that the lady contributes is one of the more eye-rolling spectacles in an otherwise wonderful story.

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He did it again in a confrontation scene near the Christmas hair stylist heartbeat shirt of “The Planter of Malata.” In an introduction written some years later, Conrad said of this story that perhaps he had tried something beyond his powers. I think this was correct. The contributions of the female character to the dialogue of “A Smile of Fortune” caused me to wonder what her specific mental impairment was supposed to be. Conrad didn’t mishandle every woman character in his books. Sometimes he succeeded by keeping them a trifle off center stage. But I don’t think he was comfortable writing about what he appeared to see as that strange alien species “women.” Oh well, he handled one aspect of fiction poorly, but he usually played to his strengths.


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