This is after a year of being together. Which is Cat Madame poisse shirt because that’s not really a thing I like in men, but I still miss that thing. This is us while I was in labor. This one picture pretty much sums up our love. This man is not a rock, he’s a boulder. He’s my best friend and the only one I count on. So compassionate. Such a gorgeous aircraft. I don’t know what he hoped to achieve, but it was the reason I decided to stop communicating with him for good.

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One time a nice guy at the Cat Madame poisse shirt store helped me put my groceries in the trunk of my car. He asked afterward if he could have my number in exchange for his help. I didn’t find him attractive, but I also didn’t want to insult him. So I gave him my number thinking it was probably harmless. The guy sent texts asking me to hang out for quite some time. Each time he asked I politely declined. One day I guess he figured he had nothing to lose, so he sent a picture of himself totally nude.


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