When homophobic rants from her now-defunct blog from the Cat daddy vintage shirt and by the same token and 2000s reemerged, she fumbled through the episode, giving explanations, none of which made much sense. Reid said someone must have hacked her work, that she didn’t believe she—the mother of an LGBTQ woman—was capable of writing those words. Later, other offensive columns came to light. She railed via tweet against a piece by conservative writer David French without actually reading the article. She apologized for all of them. “It was definitely one of those times when you really realize how important it is, the relationships that you have, because the people I have who are LGBT in my world, in my life, really were just so understanding,” Reid says of the bizarre blog-post drama. “So loving. It just really made me even more determined to be as good of an ally as possible. And so that’s what I’ve tried to be. Bottle-green dresses were all the rage in the Victorian era, and they had price tags to match. To achieve this lovely shade of green, the fabric was dyed using large amounts of arsenic. Some women suffered nausea, impaired vision, and skin reactions to the dye. But the dresses were only worn on special occasions, limiting exposure to the arsenic in the fabric. In the 1760s, aristocratic British men donned large wigs with a small hat or feather at the top. The young men who took up this fashion trend reportedly brought it back from their “Grand Tour” across Continental Europe in which they intended to “deepen cultural knowledge.” The style is, in fact, named after the Italian pasta dish, signifying sophistication and worldliness. In the end, it’s really that simple: Fashion is about clothes; clothes are about the body; the body is about the senses. As much as they are bearers of meaning and vectors for self-expression, clothes aren’t just abstract representations of a creative vision, however innovative it can be. They’re about the making and the craft that makes them come to life—an expression of human, very tangible, often superb creativity. Think of the relevance of couture. That’s why the best videos (Galliano’s Maison Margiela Artisanal obviously comes to mind, but also Dior Men and Gucci) were, in my opinion, the ones of designers opening up about their practice, revealing not only their visionary genius but the passionate, collaborative human effort that goes into bringing ideas, no matter how abstruse or hyperbolic, into reality.

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Count Jonathan Capehart, the Cat daddy vintage shirt and by the same token and openly gay Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, as one of those in her corner. Until 2012 they were merely casual acquaintances. Then came the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Each night they would meet at a local Hooters for dinner. Over wings—Hooters has great wings—they spoke for hours while tank-topped, short-shorted waitresses moved around them. Though they shared a similar worldview, Capehart, a regular MSNBC contributor, found Reid more liberal. Since then, the two have been intellectual sparring partners and close friends.“The person who wrote those columns is not the person I got to know sitting across from her at a table in Tampa at Hooters,” Capehart says of Reid’s previous LGBTQ remarks. “I don’t know that person. I don’t know that person who wrote those pieces. “Look,” he continues, “do you know how many people would be out of my life if I did not, one, learn to forgive and, two, give them the room to evolve?” Over the past few months, Reid has witnessed an entire nation’s belief system on race radically evolve. Following the killing of George Floyd in May and the worldwide protests that followed, America seems ready, finally ready, to take in the very things she’s spoken on for years. Before the hoodie became a menacing totem for the alt-right in Florida, Reid fretted over her children’s clothes. She wasn’t worried about other kids. She feared something else. “I think it’s important to have somebody who looks like you, who can empathize with what you feel,” Reid says. “For the most part, white Americans have traditionally been very trusting of the police. The police is Barney Fife. They’re your friend. They get your cat out of a tree. “I’m a law-abiding citizen,” she continues. “I’ve never been arrested or committed a crime. But when I see those blue lights, I feel sick. I feel my heart racing. Even though I know I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m afraid of the police. I’m successful. I work for a great company. I have health benefits. And I’m afraid of the police.” At this point, it is extremely annoying now. We’ve given her and her parent’s multiple signs and hints that we can see her sunbathing, but still continues to do it. I have two young boys who are way too young to be looking at an 18-year-old girls arse that.


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