Many of my clients areI can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt speakers and it can be difficult and frustrating for both of us to understand each other. I enjoy living in San Antonio and the culture. I took three years of Spanish in high school- wish I had stuck with it until I was more fluent. I think knowing multiple languages is great. Thankfully, I have a daughter that is on a Mission in a primarily Spanish speaking area of this country, she took an immersion course before going on her mission. She can now speak Spanish fluently as does one of my sons-in-law. I think it will help them in their future job pursuits. A lot of businesses are looking for bilingual speakers.

I can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

I can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt

I can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt

Best I can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt

I love it when I can hire someone that is I can’t breathe #georgefloyd shirt.  It is ridiculous for anyone living anywhere in Texas to be unable to speak English. It is their own fault. You are pathetic to think it is your fault. I hope you would be singing a different tune. I will certainly hold judgment on you because I do not know you either- just your few words on a Facebook page. I speak to write and read in English Arabic and French. When I speak French in the USA people reactions is has.


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  1. Susan Kloss (verified owner)

    I am very happy and impressed with the outcome and price of my T-shirt. Can’t wait to print more designs with you.

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  2. Helene DeFilippis (verified owner)

    So impressed with the speedy service and excellent quality of my shirts. Have already placed a second order. Thanks so much guys.

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  3. Gary Rogers (verified owner)

    Really pleased with how my t shirts turned out.

    1 product
  4. Dawn Billings (verified owner)

    Both my orders arrived as I expected and within the time frame I expected. Happy and I will order from the site again.

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  5. Chad K Walworth (verified owner)

    I had 2 shirts made for myself and a friend to match, once they arrived I was not disappointed. The printing on the shirts was excellent. Will definitely be back.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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