Fucked up shit happens a lot in ASoIaF. No one Bichon Frise gorgeous reindeer Christmas shirt vies for “democracy” reading this story, or modern sensibilities, or a dictatorship of the proletariat (ok maybe there is a *bit* of that in Dany’s campaign). Do you know that you are the product of incest? As am I. We’re all born from, at a basic level, a single tribe. And it doesn’t stop there as most people throughout human history lived in the same villages banging the same cousins for hundreds, thousands, of years. Weird is relative, just as morality is. It’s the point of the story. And it is just fucked up enough to be rather fitting, while still making enough sense and seeming practical enough that it is still a relatively happy one.

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That was always a bit of a pet peeve of Bichon Frise gorgeous reindeer Christmas shirt , people insisting the boys call her that although in the books, they never did it even once. I guess it’s done because she’d got a long name with four parts to it so people think it must be shortened. After all, Ron’s given name is Ronald but he goes by Ron. Lily refers to Severus as Sev affectionately. But some people don’t shorten their names and Hermione is one of them. The boys would never dream of calling her by anything other than Hermione. As for Maya and Hermy, the latter doesn’t sound very nice. It’s fine for a giant who can barely speak English but it would sound very odd for others to use it. And I’m not a 100% sure how to say Mama but it doesn’t read very well.


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