There can come back at any time. They’re just moving to Best Shiba Inu Mom Ever vintage shirt part-time. They haven’t been banished. They haven’t been disowned by the family. They have chosen to take a sabbatical from the family business for a while and see what else is out there for them. That’s all. But, as all the official statements have very clearly said, the Duke and duchess remain ready and willing to support the queen in any way she needs. If the Queen calls and says Harry, everyone is down with the flu and I desperately need you and Megs to hop a plane this weekend to Buenos Aires and take your father’s place at the Flamingos, you can be certain Megs will be on the phone asking Doria to pop up to Canada and babysit for a few days before Harry even hangs up the phone.  As a leader, he was generous in the beginning, but turned into a bit of a tyrant, executing people right and left, leveling threats at people, manipulating many in his immediate vicinity.

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Consequently, his rule did not last Best Shiba Inu Mom Ever vintage shirt, only 4 years, as he was assassinated by peers, not long after he’d spent all of the kingdom’s money, and made plans to move to Egypt, where he would be treated as a deity (in his own words). Among the bizarre things during his rule, he was known to have conversations with the moon, as though he was a close friend. Additionally, he became obsessed with his friend, a horse, named Incitatus. Before his demise, he had planned to elect his horse to be part of his consul, and name it a priest of his house. He had servants who fed it food that was sprinkled with gold. The stable was also constructed of marble and ivory. But again, the people around Caligula quickly realized, “this guy is not going to work out”. And so in true Roman fashion, his personal guard, at the behest of virtually the entire Senate, and the entire building, assassinated him, at the ripe old age of 28.


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