I think they must have known just how good they were Best Sheltie Dad ever vintage shirt. They were on the top of the mountain by themselves and nobody even came close to tossing them off as the best. Paul was probably the most keenly aware and it was one of the reasons he was such a perfectionist. Anytime another band would come up with something they set out to show them they could do better. The Beach Boys put out Pet Sounds in answer to Revolver so McCartney comes up with Sgt Pepper. The Who said that they were coming out with the loudest and most raunchy song ever and Paul wrote Helter Skelter. Of course, they knew how good they were and they also pushed the envelope more than any band alive. They set out to be the best and they did everything they could to stay on top.

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These lyrics resonate strongly with me even today. Unless you lived Best Sheltie Dad ever vintage shirt through that time period where I lived you cant imagine what it was like to go school one day and realize everyone in your class just had a father or mother (and sometimes both) laid off. On the way home from school every third house had a for sale sign on it. White flight kicked into high gear. Those of us that thought we would just be following in our father’s footsteps were suddenly without a future. Truth be told that music still strikes a chord within me. It still makes me sad and angry that so much happened and we were so powerless to stop it. But that was me and people like me who had that shared experience. That kid that grew up in Denver or Nashville had a totally different reality than I did. To them, the world was not ending and the changes around them were probably not as traumatic.



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