I’d have took him to a Boro match with my Beavis and Butthead Around the Christmas tree shirt mate, poured ten pints into him and then took him for a curry, he’d have been loathe to collectivize Muslims if he had socialized with a few regular ones.Man is an imperfect creature old chap, we can’t have a supreme arbiter of what is and what is not hate speech, because none of us is immune to bias and cognitive dissonance.For some dumb reason my boyfriend knew that this was happening the whole time and did not alert me or reach over to place my boob back into my shirt. since we had left Massachusetts on a half tank, I decided we should stop. We drove slowly up the exit ramp to turn left to cross the unknown road we had just been on, because the only building of any sort in sight was over there on the other side. As we came to the end of the overpass, we realized it was truly an overpass to nowhere: it dead ended into a red dirt trail that petered out after about 50 yards. The red clay dirt looked exactly like the ubiquitous stuff you see throughout Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, and I remarked to my son, “Hey, look, there’s some Tennessee red clay!” The only paved area left to drive on was the parking lot of the “truck stop”.

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I don’t remember my Beavis and Butthead Around the Christmas tree shirt excuse but I want to say that he said that he just didn’t want to wake me up. Oh by the way it was completely obvious that the Uber driver was completely aware of this situation probably the entire time. He was acting very awkward. So it is very likely that the whole time I was asleep he was staring at my boob in the rearview mirror. Was deserted. There was a short rig parked, but it looked like it had been parked there for months. We both had a really strong feeling that the place was more than a little odd: a so-called truck stop on a non-road that goes nowhere, accessible only from the interstate road that seemed to have no name. And there was no sign of life. My son looked at me and asked ( pleaded would be a more accurate description), “Do you really want to stop here?”


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