Appropriateness is the term. Because if not were does this Bear beer upper class trailer trash vintage shirt. Before long the government people will just become a fashion show. The dress code is all-important. The audience there is no dress code in parliament there’s a minimal acceptable dress code and f you turn up for work looking like you have had a long night down Soho then expect criticism I think a lot of people are ignoring the fact that she was called away from an event and wasn’t expecting to speak/be on camera. She was smartly dressed. The fact her shoulder was out is of no concern. It doesn’t impact her words at all. Come summer she may even be able to dare to bare an ankle, the horror. That’s cos hasn’t a clue about fashion.

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When piers Morgan has more Bear beer upper class trailer trash vintage shirt power in a country than what a woman says in parliament. No person can Express wear whatever they want in the boundaries of the work scope. In this case in parliament, not appropriate. Yes, we should talk about more important matters, not this, so dress appropriately so we don’t need to talk about it thank you. People in parliament should dress in a sensible manner not like they are going straight to a night club after work.


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