I love the competition and I would feel Batman yelling at Catwoman shirt playing almost any sport, but I don’t get golf and golf culture. It just isn’t me. The actual thinking of the game is largely done in between points or changeovers, but the actual tactical decision making is largely instinctual and emotional. Finally, it feels great to hit shots well and compete, win or lose. Losing can hurt, especially if you expect to win but beating an opponent that you don’t expect to is exhilarating. One pair of boots. One pair of shinpads. One pair of shorts. One team shirt usually provided by the club. Relatively cheap playing fees compared to other sports. Hard to say. There isn’t a lot of footage on a prime Jack Johnson, and what exists is of low quality due to the age of the film and the limits of the technology at that time.

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I rank him extremely high on my all-time list, but that is Batman yelling at Catwoman shirt on accounts of the period, obviously, I wasn’t there to see him first hand. I’d pick Jack in that fight, but it’s just a guess. The fact that he held the title for as long as he did with the entire weight of the establishment out to get him speaks volumes about how tough he had to have been. Thank god there are no answers! I hate it when I find out that one of the favorites loses when I view my quora feed before I’ve had a chance to watch the days matches which I have taped.


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