The idea of going against what you are aka a Barney commit tax fraud shirt is stupid to keep it for yourself and leave others to eat what they want! Oh, we’ve got the energy. I’m growing my own food supply right now. I’ve never been happier. We’ll all die of something. And this study was not conclusive. No cause and effect. Plus there are too many variables in the types of diets. Veganism is vastly different than vegetarianism. Vegetarians, and on and on and I would eat every one of them as cannibalism is rife in Scottish history so we must be genetically ok with it in our hunter-gather was never problem-free and not coming to any major halt anytime soon.

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America probably has more space Barney commit tax fraud shirt weed than any food of any dietary needs Never felt better, reversed pancreatic issues, and have built more muscle. Jokes about plant-based diets are made by people who can’t be bothered to educate themselves on it. I used to love steak, poultry and venison, and bacon but I was fat and unhealthy and eating way out of moderation. I moderated, started looking at alternatives with the same protein but less saturated fats, and made a change. Protein is protein wherever you get it from.


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  1. Emilie Della signora (verified owner)

    Brilliant quality. Arrived on time. My friend loved it.

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  2. Susan Tanos (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, T-Shirt came within 2 days of ordering. Great quality for a great price, will definitely order from here again.

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  3. Tim Dresser (verified owner)

    So impressed with the speedy service and excellent quality of my shirts. Have already placed a second order. Thanks so much guys.

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  4. Nick Smallwood (verified owner)

    Awesome tshirts,thanks very much.

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  5. Matt Hoch (verified owner)

    I had 2 shirts made for myself and a friend to match, once they arrived I was not disappointed. The printing on the shirts was excellent. Will definitely be back.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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