We all will have our days where we don’t want to talk Antidepressants I love youuuuu I love you I love you shirt and be left alone. Love by being more understanding of someone’s feelings and situations. Perhaps they need a hug and some kind words. Perhaps they need a shoulder to cry on. Love by being patient. Be more appreciative of them and never let them go without wondering your intentions. Be yourself and someone will love you just as you are. In the psychoevolutionary idea, it is an extreme affiliation or belonging. It is affiliation plus spirituality, that ethereal aspect of human connectedness. We all need it or get sick. Those without it strive to get it, protect themselves against its loss, or resent those who seem to find a way to have it. This is confusing a number of different arenas; parental love, self-love, family love, societal love, and romantic love. Each of these has different issues and requirements.

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It’s like a circle expanding with more and more Antidepressants I love youuuuu I love you I love you shirt. Each has to develop properly in order to not contaminate the next. A sort of Maslow’s need hierarchy, but more along the lines that they are a basic part of the human condition, they are ontologically universal and invariant in nature. All humans in every tribe need this sequence. When parents don’t set that up well, it contaminates the child from then on with beliefs of inadequacy, which leads to insecurity. Then the child interprets performance is what makes it lovable and worthwhile.


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