Even cleanliness and prevention do not work with this And she lived happily ever after shirt dreaded virus and the body’s immunity remains the only barrier against it and this immunity is strong only in the case of proper and healthy nutrition by avoiding eating pork and other meat and relying on eating fruits and vegetables olive oil spices and a lot of eating garlic and honey with lemon. We will not go hungry, we will not starve to death, we will never be rations like some African country where you are fortunate to eat anything every day, so please don’t stockpile, buy enough for your need, not your greed, think of others in the queue who might need a share too. We are Brits, we weather these storms of life remember how we managed in the war and we recovered.

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You cant rely on other citizens to do their And she lived happily ever after shirt to protect the most vulnerable people. No more eating out then because we are placing our trust in other people and them handling money and then handling food without washing hands Come on getting realistic with so many people in the country there always going to be some who just don’t care. Start giving people the choice to stay at home, work from home, keep kids home if they can. Stop forcing people to go out when they should rightfully be able to protect themselves in the future we will have flying cars.


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    Excellent, great quality, perfect for an orange freak son. Many Thanks.

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    A slight issue with my order was fixed immediately. Fantastic Customer Service.

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