Many men benefit from wearing a button down Anatomic Bone Cats shirt that isn’t touching their skin if it’s freshly returned from the local laundry/cleaners. It can be irritating to the skin since you don’t know what chemicals and cleaners have been used on it. Again, a more healthy, hygienic and comfortable approach to wearing your shirt all day, especially if you’ve had a jacket on over it that has sealed those chemicals inside next to your body.If you don’t think that you can manage all of the above and to keep eating your human jerky and drinking your urine until you are rescued, suicide early on might be your best option, because no matter what you do, unless you’ve got an earthen floor you can bury the corpse in, it is going to get really foul and disgusting as it rots beside you, and the flies and resulting maggots are going to nearly drive you insane, even if you can live with your thoughts around what you had to do to turn a human corpse into food and water to keep yourself alive, and how the person first became a corpse, and whether eating them could give you any diseases.

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I loathe seeing thick Anatomic Bone Cats shirt hair underneath buttoned shirts or when it’s sticking out from the collar. If your shirt fabric is on the thin side, it’s even more inappropriate. Save your body hair, nipples and perspiration exposure for your personal space trim your neck in the front and back while your at it. Some women appreciate a man’s chest and nipples in an intimate setting. Morally, I do not think it is wrong to eat meat, only to take life needlessly, so if I was not the one who killed the person I had to butcher and eat, I think I could live with having to do that. Nor do I think human flesh to be more sacred than animal flesh; it is the life inside the flesh in either case that is sacred, and once that is gone, there is nothing wrong about eating flesh to survive. I would turn to the Ojibwe religious ceremony for hunters who have killed an animal to save their people, begging pardon of the deceased for what I must do to live, and promising to give my body back to the circle of life in my turn.


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