He threw a punch, I slipped under it, jumped on his Alzheimer’s Messed with the wrong chick shirt and choked him out. When he came to I asked if he needed any more proof. He was amazed and embarrassed but said he could have done the same to me and he thought I was going to stand toe to toe and box. I said there was no way and offered to allow him to put me in a chokehold and see if I could get out. If I lost he could go back to beating bums. He agreed. That was not my first or last big guy experience however he was the biggest. His hands were easily two of mine and my calves were the size of his forearms. None of that matters. Skill is what matters in a fight. However, intelligence will keep you out of a fight.

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He was a force of nature in those early championship days, constantly bobbing and Alzheimer’s Messed with the wrong chick shirt, fast and leaping in with devastating combinations. Most men who fought him in those days looked beaten before the opening bell. Up until a certain Buster Douglas came along, I can remember wondering if he would ever lose.We didn’t have the heart to explain to him that these wrestling fans came for autographs not to buy furniture. The radio guy came over and wanted us to tell him what he needed to know about the show that night and any important stuff we wanted to say.


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