The Tories are complete strangers to the 3 night shifts in 4 row shirt, especially their despicable, morally bankrupt leader. believe we are observing the demise of an empire. It reminds me of the sinking of a ship. Lots of people will go down with it but look like the captains are already in the lifeboats.  can hear are disgruntled unhappy voters who are an illustration of the huge mess that we are in now. Regardless of who you’ve voted for in the past or who you intend to vote for in the election, the basic simple fact is that people do not trust ANY politicians. They promise the earth when they are touting for votes yet renege on those promises when they get in power.

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Until we make every 3 night shifts in 4 row shirt party totally accountable for what they promise in their manifestos then we will never get anywhere. How many discussions do you see where they evaluate what they have promised and give truthful reasons as to why it wasn’t achieved or put in place. In actual fact, at the moment I have no idea what Labours manifesto is regarding a lot of issues because doesn’t seem to want to tell us. And has regularly changed the definition of ‘unemployed’ and ’employed’ to massage the figures year on year.


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